Edible Gingers

Gingers have been used for food and flavoring in many parts of the world for millenia.

The gingers we grow are relatively cold tolerant and require just a little protection in cold climates. As a rule they prefer a rich organic soil well mulched and well watered during the growing months.

During winter when the tops die back and are shed you need to allow the plants to dry out so they don’t rot. In areas with hot summers the plants prefer a little light shade or at least protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Every part of gingers are utilized as food and for culinary and medicinal purposes. Leaf shoots, flowers, rhizomes and tuberous roots are all eaten.

plant leaves flowers rhizome tubers tips
Chinese keys Raw & cooked Roots in cooking used
Round root galangal Young leaves Roots in cooking
tumeric To wrap steamed food In curry and rice
Myoga ginger White part cut over hot food & salad
Puyang(aromatic ginger) Raw& cooked Raw & cooked


The information in this sheet is correct to our knowledge and we have personally tried most but when trying new things always start with a little to see if it agrees with you.


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