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2017 Mail orders ending first week of December

To avoid plants getting stuck in the Christmas parcel rush we will be sending out our last mail orders for 2017 on the 4th of December.

This means that you will need to place any mail orders before that by the 3rd of December and that all items will be listed out of stock for the rest of December.

Mail orders will resume early January in 2018.

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Lotus mail order season ends for 2017

Lotus plants are now too large and fragile for mail order and no longer available on the web site for purchase. They will be available for mail order again around Spring next year.

Lotus plants are still available for purchase as advanced potted plants at our retail nursery for the rest of summer or until stocks run out.

Other plants including temperate and tropical water lilies remain available for mail order.

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Lotus Mail Order Season Has Begun

The majority of our lotus range is now available for mail order. Mail order season is relatively short and usually ends after just a few months when the plants are too large to post and its best to place orders and plant your lotus early anyway.

Lotus plants at the nursery will take a little longer to grow on and will be ready as advanced potted plants for retail at the nursery some time in the next month or two depending on seasonal conditions.

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Mail Order Season Has Begun

Mail Order season has begun with an early Spring. Our early plants and temperate lillies are now available for mail order on the web site.

The first orders will be sent out on Monday the 21st of August.

More plants will be made available over the coming weeks as they start growing for Spring, including Lotus.

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Mail Order Season Will Begin Soon

With early Spring like conditions mail order season will begin soon for early Spring plants including some temperate water lilies.

The first mailing day will be Monday 21st of August. Plants will be made available for mail order on the website during the week before that starting on the 14th of August.

After the 21st of August you can expect a growing range of our plants to rapidly become available for mail order as growth accelerates through Spring including most of our temperate lily range and also our Lotus range.

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Mail Orders Closed For Winter

Mail orders are now closed for winter with all products listed as out of stock on the web site.

Plants will be available again next Spring, exact timing varies with seasonal conditions. However temperate lilies and early marginal plants usually become available very early in Spring between late August and early September. Lotus usually become available for mail order some time from late September to October. And tropical water lilies and other “Summer” water plants usually around October/November.

In the mean time most of our range remains available for retail purchase on site at our Nursery. However we do not recommend Winter as the best time to purchase even our advanced plants on site with some exceptions like Louisiana Water Iris.

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Mail Orders Closing For Winter Next Week

Mail orders of items on the web site will be disabled shortly with the last orders being sent out on Monday 24th of April.

We close mail orders during Winter as the majority of our plants do not handle transplant and division well during their dormancy period.

Mail orders will open again early next season as plants begin to grow again in Spring.

Depending on seasonal variation typically temperate water lilies and early spring water plants will be available early September, or sometimes even late August, lotus are usually available some time late September and tropical water lilies more towards late Spring or early Summer.

We will post news items here as items become available again.